How Do I Pay?

  • Payment is accepted beforehand or day of the shoot.  Payment can be made via Venmo (App), with check or cash.  We hope to have an option for credit card payment in the near future.

How will I receive my images?

  • Images will be provided within 24-hours after the end of the shoot.  If your shoot is scheduled for 2pm, it will conclude around 3pm and the images will be provided by 3pm the following day.  A link will be sent via email to download the images.  You will receive High-Resolution images for marketing purposes and Pre-Sized MLS images for upload to MLS.

What does Temporary Usage Rights mean?

  • All images are copyrighted (the intellectual property of Picture It Sold) and are licensed to you for use based on the package you purchased.  The images can only be used until the home has been sold or goes off the market.

What does Permanent Usage Rights mean?

  • The client is granted Permanent Usage Rights to use forever and for any and all marketing purposes.  See the Investment Menu for more information about buying this option.

What does All Image Usage Rights mean?

  • All images provided to you by Picture It Sold (regardless of Temporary or Permanent) are non-transferable and cannot be bartered, sold, given away, or split payment. Doing these things are considered a copyright infringement.  Credit must be given to Picture It Sold for images purchased, for all usage purposes.  Picture It Sold is the lawful copyright owner of all images.

What is a Twilight shoot?

  • This is exterior photography that allows the home to glow from within.  All landscape lighting will need to be on and interior lights.  The set-up for these images is around 30 minutes before sunset.  All interior images or taken first, followed by the exterior for this option.  Because this is a specialized appointment, this is an add-on package option.  Advanced booking is recommended.

What is the best time for a shoot to be scheduled?

  • This is a tricky question based on the season and the sellers availability.  Mornings and evenings have lighting that is less harsh than high-noon.  Any time of day is acceptable, but more glare, washed out windows, and reflections might be visible in images.  We try out best to work around harsh light, but we know that can’t always happen.  We will do our best to deliver the best images possible to you.

What is the Prep Checklist?

  • This list is provided to you and should be shared with the seller BEFORE the shoot takes place to help the property look its best.  This list will be sent via email once the appointment has been booked.

What are the office hours of Picture It Sold?

  • Office hours are M-F, 8-4:30PM.  We will be closed every other Friday.  We will do our best to serve you as needed, but hours can vary at our discretion.  We will try to give our clients the most updated calendar information that we can.

What are your holiday hours?

  • Please inquire if you need to schedule an appointment during a holiday.  We will do our best to serve you.

What about inclement weather and rescheduling appointments?

  • The $25 Inclement Weather Return fee
    • Inclement weather consists of any* precipitation (rain, snow, light sprinkle, mist, sleet, dust) present in the air (cloudy skies are not considered inclement weather).
  • The Fee will occur if:
    • Full Shoots:
      • If the client cancels less than 4 hours before an appointment during inclement weather (including when it starts raining or misting suddenly during the appointment) — and assuming it is not dangerous driving conditions (tornados, ice, etc.):
        • The client will be charged a Late Cancellation fee to cancel the whole shoot;
        • The client will be given the option to shoot the interior only for the full price of the shoot, and not pay for the photographer to return for exteriors; or
        • The client keeps the current appointment for the photographer to shoot interiors, and the client calls to schedule the Inclement Weather Return on another day for the photographer to shoot the exterior ($25).
      • If the client decides to cancel the whole shoot because it starts raining or misting suddenly while onsite, they will pay the Late Cancellation Fee.
      • If it is determined by our team that the conditions are dangerous for the photographers in the field, the company may call clients to cancel the shoots in the interest of everyone’s safety. Obviously, there is no charge to anyone under these conditions.
      • Twilight Exterior / Exterior Only Shoots:
        • **The Inclement Weather Return charge ($25) does not apply to Exterior Only or Twilight Exterior Only appointments if there is a VALID emergency reason for canceling.

My images were taken on Friday.  When do I get them?

  • Friday shots are an exception to the 24-hour turnaround.  Images taken on Friday will be provided by 12 noon the following Monday.

Can I reserve multiple appointment times for the same property?

  • We are unable to offer this to you.  Only ONE time-slot can be reserved per property.

Can you upload to MLS or Realtor.com?

  • We are unable to offer this service for you right now.  Third party vendors (such as Picture It Sold) are not allowed to log-in to MLS under your username and password.

Can you photoshop elements out of images?

  • Currently, this is not being offered.  It takes time and can be hard to complete in the given timeframe.  Minor touch-ups might be completed during processing, but that is at the discretion of the photographer.

My images haven’t arrived within 24-hours of my shoot.  What gives?

  • The email with the link might be in your spam folder.
  • The email address we have on file is no longer in use or incorrect.
  • The invoice has not been cleared of the remaining balance.

What if I do not like the images that have been provided?

  • Quality is very important to us.  Please give Picture It Sold a call or email if you feel that you didn’t receive the type or style of images you were expecting.